Episode 25 – Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my Tomb

On this episode, Chris and Gavriil discuss the lore behind the Tomb of Sargeras, which is kind of like what happens when you let a bunch of goths have a party in an abandoned church.  Kevin is out because of Boneitis and reasons.

7.2.5 Prep by Bellular Gaming
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Gamescom 2017: Blizzard comfirmed, via Blizzard Watch

Episode 24 – Anduin Wrynn: Rise of the Boy King

This week, Chris and Gav talk about Anduin Wrynn, because Kevin is off this week and we wanted to talk about things that don’t require debate.  Lots of information, hot takes and #basiccampfire2020

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Episode 23 – Keeping up with the Windrunners

On this Episode of ACTC, we talk about random things.  From Sylvannas to the Draenei, we have nothing better to do with our time.  Also, this show was originally supposed to be a re-recording of the Diablo 3 episode we assumed had been lost the prior week, but lol, Kevin found the audio files so we had to scramble to throw an episode together on short notice.

BlizzardWatch book lore synopsis/Timeline
Heroes of the Storm Anniversary Event information
Overwatch Anniversary Event information

Episode 22 – Diablo 3: A fucking retrospective

On this episode, Chris and Kevin get angry at each other and Chris ragequits the show.  This episode was delayed a week, because we were pretty certain we lost Chris’ audio files when he left.  If you’re looking for the nerd rage, it’s around the 40-45 minute mark.  Originally intended as a 101 show/retrospective, it quickly descends into chaos and nerds yelling about nerdy things.

Spoiler alert: They’re still talking to each other, but this is an amazing behind the scenes look at how we treat each other when we’re not recording.

Earnings Call from ActivisionBlizzard via MMOChamp
Skinner Boxes: A tutorial